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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Now I Knew You Was So Needed In My Life..

  Jasmin, I knew you doesn't like me, and eisya.. But, you two are so kind to me.. I love to talk with you Jasmin.. So many g..g..g..g..o..oooo...sip.. You always talk to me when you were in trouble.. But, tak selalu.. ngee hehe..
Eisya plak, likes to teach somebody else but does not like who embrased her and also himulating her.. I'm sorry eisya.. Jasmin, you the most POPULAR  girl in the school.. I want to be like you and I want to be best friends forever to you, but, I don't know.. You were the Popular One in the school.. I can't friends to a popular girl like you.. I'm so embressed.. Sorry to make you angry last year.. Byebye..

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