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Saturday, October 23, 2010


      Tomorrow are school. And you know what? Tomorrow EXAM I just not ready..but, I can do it! I know! INSYAALLAH I can do it! I have to be brave and start studying last week! but, I stupid! I can't help my lust to do anything stupid! Like playing games, and surfing the internet! I can DO IT!! Promise me , my mother and father...I really can! "YA ALLAH, Kau cucurilah rahmat mu kepada ku seperti mana KAU pernah buat seperti itu sebelum ini..." *Semasa hujan lebat

Doa Ketika Hujan Lebat

Ya Allah! Turunkanlah hujan di sekitar kami dan janganlah dditimpa bencana ke atas kami. Ya Allah, turunkanlah di tanah-tanah,bukit-bakau dan tempat-tempat lembahan serta tempat-tempat tumbuh pokok.

Saved my kittens

(Gambar hiasan)

Today I've saved my little kitten from the heavy, thunderstorm rain.. I knew that today is rained heavily so I decide to look out to search where is my kitten. Nabiha and me go out in such a really thunder storm.. And we get 2 kittens only and 2 more missing..I and Nabiha search everywhere (in home) no kittens..so, I open my back door (at kitchen) and I saw Dot Dot was there! It is freezing in cold..So I ran after it and I quickly pick it up and ran fast in house. 3 kittens has been saved.. Only 1 is still missing.. I hope tht kitten save and healthy in nowhere... =(

*I post this thing in rained storm


My cat

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